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To counter these tax hikes, legislators created more loop holes write offs and deductions for small business owners to use. For this reason, small business owners rely on creative CPAs to maximize their deductions in order to show less income and pay less taxes. There are nearly 23 million small businesses in America and over 35 million sole proprietors and almost every one of them employ savvy CPAs to keep them in the black. The draw back is that by doing this most self employed borrowers are unable to prove enough income on paper when applying for a loan or a mortgage. Traditional mortgage lending practices of yester year required that borrowers prove sufficient income when taking out a loan. Over the years, taxes have risen for small business owners at staggering rates, far above what they have for W2 employees. At the same time the self employed borrower's provable income has dwindled proportionately. Under traditional banking rules most of the self employed people wouldnt be able to qualify for business loans or mortgages. This would ultimately force small business owners out of business and cripple our would economy. This new business paradigm literally forced the banking industry to create lending products that catered to small business owners who could not prove all of their income. These products were called stated income loans and did not require borrowers who had good credit to prove their income. These products originally required good credit and sufficient assets in order to qualify for them. Responsible guidelines and common sense underwriting kept default rates on these products in line with conventional mortgages. Unfortunately, as competition for this segment of borrowers stiffened between lenders the stringency to qualify for these mortgages softened, thus the mortgage crisis. It is exactly this type of loan that our law makers are trying to do away with through legislation. The new mortgage bill being bounced around has specific remedies for irresponsible lending. Meaning, if a bank loans you money and it can be proven in court attorneys like this law by the way that the bank was irresponsible in doing so they could be penalized. The definition of irresponsible is did the borrower have the capacity to repay the loan, meaning did they prove enough income. This bill will kill stated income loans, period. So where does this leave the responsible self employed borrowers who needed these loans to live and operate their businesses?This leaves them with higher taxes. Should this bill pass self employed borrowers will be forced to claim more income each year on their tax returns in order to qualify for car loans, mortgages and even business loans.

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