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Our goal is to help you eat healthier by raising healthier meat. Our animals are raised in their natural environments outdoors on pasture, with the land and animal welfare at the top of mind, free from drugs and antibiotics. " CatherineWe hope you visit our website to learn more. It is BRAND NEW, interactive and easy to use. We post resources often to help you in your journey to eat healthier as a conscious consumer. Watch a quick video about our farm on the home page of our website to see our farm for yourself!1915 Farm LLC, Catherine Klemcke and Tanner Klemcke, 224 Fox Crossing Road, Meyersville TX 77974. 361. 212. 3255. E mail: . Website: ur chickens and pigs are raised on pasture and supplemented with a non GMO, non soy feed from a Texas feed producer.

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The advisory group was created amid a backdrop of protests across the country over centuries of racial injustice in America that have been marked by the removal of statues of Confederate leaders and public calls for renaming buildings honoring historic figures connected with the Souths history of slavery and racial discrimination and violence. Lisa Tendrich Frank, a Florida based historian who is one of the two historians conducting research, said her team has started pouring over encyclopedias, newspapers, alumni magazines and other sources to identify the names that grace the selected campus buildings. Working with two PhD students and historian Joshua Butler, Frank said the plan is to create one or two page summaries on the histories of each name that appears on the roughly 880 buildings and colleges highlighted by the project. Were trying to find out exactly who these individuals were, Frank said Wednesday. Why was the building named for these people. Now, more than ever, the world needs trustworthy reportingbut good journalism isnt free.

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In California if you do smogs like I do the bar has turned into head hunters. We had a good tech smog test a diesel truck and was fined $1k bucks because he accidentally used the wrong machine. Easy mistake to make when it's busy and every customer is in a hurry. The bar rep told him even though he performed the smog correctly he has to pay the state for using the wrong machine. He said it was a new rule that was put into place three days prior and the tech didn't read the email before performing the test. I hate this trade. No matter what you're the bad guy. In a previous job, I was a dyed in the wool radio repairtech/automotiveelectronics installer. Real good one too 2 time certified masterinstaller. Anyway, when I worked in this profession, I was paid by the hour, notbasedon flat rate or jobs completed. That gave me the most incentivetodo the job right, the FIRST time, and truly build my troubleshootingskills. It got to the point that I was the best at my shop. One day, my boss and I had a falling out. I will not go intodetails,but I walked. I was already deep into computers, and was takingseveralclasses to get me into that world. So. to make a longstoryshort, I needed a job to pay the bills, and my friend a mechanic hadbeen telling his supervisor about my electrical diagnosis skills. somethingthat was truly lacking at the dealership. I started, and I was good at what I did. I specialized inelectricaltroubleshooting and repair. Of course, I did a lot of otherrepairwork, but I was always good with cars, and never ran into any trouble,whether it be as complex as a tranny rebuild or a simple water pumpreplacementThanks, Dad!. The nice thing about electrical was that I couldbill out as real time. In the course of my job, I NEVER had anelectrical troubleshooting session last more than 2. 5 hours. Thatwas my specialty, and I had MANY happy customers. Most of thetime,I spent my days tracking down burned or damaged harnesses, andrepairingthem.

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